Tuition & Fees


Annual Tuition

12 Months Payment

10 Months Payment

2K - 3K
















Payment Options:

  1. Payment in full: 5% discount if paid in full by Friday, July 12, 2024. (Discount on tuition only)
  2. Payment in two equal installments with drafts on Friday, July 12, 2024 and Friday, January 10, 2025.
  3. 10-month bank draft: August-May*
  4. 12-month bank draft: June-May*

*MONTHLY METHOD OF PAYMENT:  Bank Draft on 5th or 20th of each month. (Tuition, Tech, Book Fees, and Building Pledge only)   
*Patrons with continually delinquent accounts will be subject to make tuition payments in full.

Discounts per family:

2nd Child

3rd Child

4th Child

5th Child





Building Pledge:
All Manchester Academy families are required to pay a building pledge of $3,000.00. A $500.00 payment is due per year, for 6 years, beginning in 5K or the first year your child is enrolled in school. May be paid in monthly installments along with tuition.
Previously signed pledges will be honored.

Early Registration Fee:  $200 per student - February 28th to March 7, 2024 (non-refundable)
Registration Fee:  $400.00 per student (non-refundable)
Book Fee/Supply Fee:  $150.00 per student - Grades 2K - 12
Technology Fee:  $200.00 for Grades 5K-6th / $350.00 for Grades 7th - 12th              

Other Fees:
Fund Raising Fee:  Mandatory $500.00 per year
Each family will receive raffle tickets that may be sold (Aug - Dec). Each family is required to purchase tickets given or remaining tickets not sold by December drawing.  You may pay $100 a month (Aug - Dec) if you choose.  By choosing this option, you will not get tickets to sell and are not eligible for the cash drawing. Drawing will include 3 - $5000.00 cash prizes.

Varying optional fees that may be incurred throughout the year (athletics, labs,  t-shirts, etc)


Mrs. Dawn's After School Program

Time: 2:40 - 5:30
For more information contact Dawn @ (662) 571 - 8946